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Articles by Author
Invictus (Pair)
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Invictus (Pair)
Item price:  $812.00

Available Options:

Invictus - by Curt Campbell.

 A new kit from the creator of the Statements.  When Curt was able to evaluate the new CSS, LD22 tweeter he was inspired to mate it with the equally impressive, Scan Speak, 18W/8531G. The result was a two way design that rivals many 3 ways.  To read more on this design, see the build  write up in the pdf below.

The full kit includes all the parts (except wood) to build a pair of Invictus:

  • 2 x CSS, LD22Tweeter
  • 2 x Scan Speak, 18W/8531G Mid Woofer
  • 2 x Crossover parts - specified inductors, Sonic Cap Capacitors, and Lynk resistors.
  • 2 x Big Post, gold binding posts.
  • 2 x  2" flared , Precision Ports - not pictured
  • 2 x Dacron damping material - not pictured
  • 2 x Silver/ Teflon hook up wire
  • 2 x Mounting hardware
  • Build Plans

Capacitor, wire, etc substitutions are welcome. We are happy to help make this your custom kit.

The crossovers can be professionally assembled and tested as an added option.

A Bare Bones versions is also available:

  • 2 x Drivers
  • 2 x Crossover parts
  • Plans

Curts take:

The Invictus MLTL was designed for someone wanting a full range speaker in a ‘reasonable’ sized cabinet for 2 channel stereo reproduction. Say, for an audiophile in a medium sized room who listens to well recorded music in many genera, -but doesn’t have a taste for AC/DC or Metallica, or those associated high SPL levels, who doesn’t want or need the added cost or complexity of a subwoofer.
Someone like me, for instance… 

I didn’t design them for HT, so there is no center channel, nor is there a near wall version. For best sound stage depth, they belong out into the room, not against the walls, so plan accordingly. If you insist on pressing them into HT duties and using them with a sub, build the sealed version with its 29 liter enclosure, which should provide enough compliance for the woofer at very loud listening levels. The sealed 40 Hz f6 is quite respectable, and with some additional front wall support, can go surprisingly low. I’ve never had that issue with the MLTL’s sounding muddy, even at quite high volumes, but then I might not listen to them at SPL’s others might. The 8531G does sound warm and organic, providing what I think is some of the most believable percussive and upright bass reproduction I’ve ever heard. 



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